Fully Automatic Multi-Channel Processing in Astro Pixel Processor by Mabula

MULTI-CHANNEL/FILTER processing in Astro Pixel Processor 1.061

by Mabula Haverkamp

using data, courtesy of Diego Colonnello

Trifid Nebula (Messier 20) R,G,B DATA, courtesy of Diego Colonnello:

Please respect Diego’s work by always including his name if you publish results based on his data.

By permission of Diego, his data set has been made available for download, so everyone can download the data and test APP’s new capabilities in:

  • data calibration and
  • automated multi-channel workflow

You can also find the download links in the following forum topic and share your results there:

Fully Automatic Multi-Channel Processing with Trifid Nebula R,G,B data from Diego Colonnello  

Diego’s very nice personal processing of the data was awarded with an

Image of the Week on the Astro Imaging Channel:

Also visible on his Astrobin:

and Diego Colonnello’s site:

Tutorial contents:

In this tutorial, all data will be calibrated with

100xbias all channels
20x darks all channels
20x flats blue channel
20x flats green channel
9x flats red channel

and from all flats and darks, a Bad Pixel Map is created.

Then all channels are processed and integrated automatically. A RGB composite is made and a very quick post-processing is done with star color calibration.

All integrations will be fully compatible for making a composite as a result from the automatic multi-channel processing.

The tutorial shows how the multi-channel data will be calibrated
and integrated automatically, per channel,
ready for the RGB combine tool to make a RGB composite.

Data details from Diego:

M 20 RGB Technical card:
Imaging telescope or lens:SkyWatcher / Sidereal Trading Mod. 10 inch F4 Klauss Helmerichs C.F. Tube
Imaging camera:ZWO Optical ZWO ASI 1600MM cool
Guiding telescope or lens:SkyWatcher / Sidereal Trading Mod. 10 inch F4 Klauss Helmerichs C.F. Tube
Guiding camera:QHY5L-II
Software:Main Sequence Software Seqence Generator Pro, Aries Productions Astro Pixel Processor APP
Accessories:ZWO Optical Off Axis Guider, ZWO Optical Zwo Filter Wheel 7 x 36mm, QHYCCD Polemaster
Resolution: 4582×3355
Dates: April 21, 2018
ZWO BLUE: 15×80″ (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
ZWO GREEN: 15×80″ (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
ZWO RED: 15×80″ (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
Integration: 1.0 hours
Avg. Moon age: 5.86 days
Avg. Moon phase: 34.10%