Welcome to Astro Pixel Processor !

Astro Pixel Processor or simply APP will be released within a couple of weeks !

Update 27th of April 2017:

The first public release date of Astro Pixel Processor is getting close!

Barnard's Loop, M78, ldn1622
Barnard’s Loop, M78 & ldn1622 by Maurice Toet, 2 panel mosaic, Takahashi Epsilon E-180, Canon EOS 5D Mark II (BCF mod). Data calibration, registration, normalization and the 2 panel mosaic integration was done completely with Astro Pixel Processor.

In the past few weeks several updates have been released for the beta team, including

  • bug fixes
  • speed improvements
  • code optimizations
  • GUI improvements
NGC 2174 - Monkey Head Nebula by Kees Scherer
NGC 2174 – Monkey Head Nebula by Kees Scherer, 10,5 hours of RGB exposure with a Canon EOS 6Da and a Skywatcher Esprit 100 f/5.5 refractor on his 10Micron GM2000HPS II mount. Completely processed with Astro Pixel Processor.

Now, before I can release APP to the world, I still need to address a couple of outstanding practical issues relating to

  • security and stability of the main website
  • application security and licensing
  • the manual / documentation
  • and I am planning to prepare more video tutorials with sound

Therefor, the first public release date is being changed to the 31st of May 2017. As soon as the above issues are resolved, I’ll definitely release APP.

ngc5907 LRGB - Marco Verstraaten
NGC5907 by Marco Verstraaten, 12″ Ritchey Chretien & QSI583WSG & SX AOL active optics. LRGB data reduction and integration completely with Astro Pixel Processor.

Astro Pixel Processor is a complete Deep Sky Image Processing application and will feature among others:

  • image calibration with bias, dark, flat frames and bad pixel maps
  • very advanced image registration using true optical distortion correction and the ability to project your data differently than the regular rectilinear projection for huge field of views
  • very advanced image normalisation using only the data areas that exactly overlap between the reference frame and the frame that needs to be normalised and
  • a new innovative technique called Local Normalization Correction or LNC. This will greatly improve data normalization in the complete stack before actual data integration.
  • a special demosaic algorithm called: Adaptive Airy Disc that will reduce green cast in your OSC data, will improve sharpness and will make your stars rounder. This is actually better than the well-known AHD and VNG algorithms.
  • demosaic algorithms for direct interpretation of narrowband data acquired with OSC camera’s.
  • the abilitiy to create huge mosaics automatically by solving the registration problem of all mosaic panels as one complete problem including optical distortion correction and camera calibration for different projections
  • very advanced stack engine including outlier rejection filters and the ability to output rejection, weight and normalization maps.
  • Multi Band Blending to help remove seams in the stack or mosaic integration
  • full drizzle support including bayer drizzle. The drizzle droplet and grid enlargement can be configured and different drizzle kernels can be used, like point, square, tophat and gauss.
  • data interpolation algorithms for all different kinds of image transformations like Lanczos and Mitchell Netravali algorithms

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  1. Very good work Mabula! Deep respect for your persistence and perseverance with this project. I’m looking forward for working with this software for astrophotography/photometry.

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