LHaRGB The Whirlpool Galaxy – pre & post processing

This video tutorial by Mabula wil show you how you create a

Luminance Hydrogen-alpha RGB or LHaRGB composite of Messier 51, The Whirlpool Galaxy

Data is courtesy of

  • André van der Hoeven
  • Jeroen Moonen
  • Rob Musquetier
  • Mabula Haverkamp
  • first an example integration is shown of the green channel and all settings up until integration are explained.
  • then I show how to correct calibration artefacts and light pollution in the seperate channels using the “remove light pollution” tool
  • next step is to perform the important step of registering all 5 channels to each each other, so they can be loaded into the “RGB combine” tool
  • we create the actual LHaRGB composite
  • quickly discuss post-processing of the compostie, from “remove light pollution” to “calibrate star colors”
  • and in the end we perform a final crop.