Free 30-day Trial

In this video, I am going to show you how you can order a

Free 30-day TRIAL license

  • first open your browser and go to the website
  • go to the shop and put your Free 30-day trial license in the cart
  • proceed to checkout
  • fill in your personal contact details..
  • verify your email address using the One Time Password sent to your e-mail inbox
  • after ordering, check that you have received 3 e-mails, if not, check your spam folder
  1. one for your account on the Astro Pixel Processor platform, if you didn’t have an account yet
  2. one for your order confirmation
  3. one with your Free 30-day Trial license code details
  • The license code details are generated directly after ordering, so you should receive this 3rd e-mail within a couple of minutes as well.
  • Then download,
  • install and
  • activate Astro Pixel Processor using your license code details

If you have questions about your license and/or activation, please contact support at:

Or post your questions on the forum

if you use a temporary and disposable email address while registering for a 30-day TRIAL license, it will not be  approved.