Part 7: final stretching with the preview-filter of the Mosaic Tutorial – Milky Way to Rho Ophiuchi by Mabula

VIDEO soon to be released…

The preview filter settings in part 1 – 7 were:

DDP on, auto, saturation on
DDP preset 30%BG, 2 sigma, 0,0% base

The DDP preset affects the B(lack) and ST(retch) slider.

So set automatically by the DDP preset were:
B(lack): 0.05707
ST(retch): 0.07176

And then I manually set:
SAT: 0,30
SAT. TH : 0,0
SHARP: 0,0

This is very strongly stretched with a lot of saturation
with the purpose of being able to easily see all problems in the data.
Makes correcting the problems much easier !

To make an image ready for publication,
we need to be less aggresive, to produce a more pleasing
final image.

B(lack):0.04600 The Black point needed to be a bit lower to prevent clipping on the black point which was noticable in the Pipe Nebula.

ST(retch): 0.0900 less aggresive, increase the ST slider to reduce the stretch

HL (HighLights): 5, to protect the highlights in the image from becoming too strongly stretched.

SAT(uration):35 this is a highy saturated result, in most cases, a value of 25-30 is fine.

SAT TH (Saturation Threshold):5 the higher the threshold, the higher the point in the datarange were saturation is actually applied. This will protect the sky background from injection chromatic noise by simply adding saturation on all pixels with all data values. Since I killed the chromatic noise in the sky background with the HSL Selective Color tool, we can set this value very low safely.

CON(trast):0.15 increased contrast to boost the nebula especially, regular values are 0,10 to 0,15