How to create a mosaic in easy steps by Sara Wager

This video tutorial by Sara Wager demonstrates the innovative mosaic feature of Astro Pixel Processor.

Knowing how difficult it can be to integrate different panes to create a mosaic and to create an image with equal backgrounds and signal over the whole image, I have found APP to be a fantastic tool to do this. You will be creating seamless mosaics with just a few clicks! This video is done just with one channel of data at the moment, but more will come as I get the relevant data.

Thanks to Multi-Band Blending (MBB) and Local Normalization Correction (LNC) and the “best in classregistration capabilities of Astro Pixel Processor, the creation of multi-panel mosaics, has now become much easier when compared to other applications and with much better results as well.

Feel free to ask any question regarding these capabilities on the Astro Pixel Processor forum