Creating a seamless 9-panel RGB mosaic in Astro Pixel Processor

This is the very first Astro Pixel Processor tutorial video, showing how to make a seamless 9-panel mosaic in Astro Pixel Processor or simply APP.

  1. 9 RGB panels are loaded which will make up the field of view of the mosaic
  2.  a multiple view mosaic is calculated for all 9 panels including dynamic distortion correction. So all registration parameters of all 9 panels are calculated in a single multiple-view formulation of the problem.
  3. lights are normalized
  4. And finally the mosaic is seamlessly integrated using the Local Normalization Correction (LNC) and Multi Band Blending (MBB) algorithms.
  • So unlike other programs out there, APP can save you a lot of time by solving the registration problem of the entire mosaic in one single calculation.
  • On top of that, the LNC + MBB algorithms will give you the seamless mosaic by adjusting all panels for their gradients before actual integration, while keeping the solution stable. The LNC technique, is a totally innovative technique in the world of stacking programs for astronomical data, and it can be applied up to an 8th degree bivariate polynomial while keeping the data stable due to adequate constraints in the calculations.

The mosaic details and credits:

Constellation Cygnus: From the North America Nebula to the Crescent Nebula.

Data courtesy of Yves Van den Broek.
post on Cloudy Nights:

9 panel mosaic shot with a WO Star 71 apo and a Nikon D810a. HaRGB composite.

38hours exposure, Hydrogen-alpha + RGB, all subs 5minutes exposures with ISO 800.

Fully processed in Astro Pixel Processor.

In detail: data calibration using bias, artificial flats (Kang Weiss modelling) and Bad Pixel Mapping, mosaic registration with dynamic distortion correction and camera calibration, data normalization, mosaic integration with multiband blending and 8th degree local normalization corrections to remove the seams of the mosaic. Light pollution corrections, background neutralization, HaRGB composite. Stretched with a special ddp filter including contrast and saturation.

Real size of this mosaic is 20000×14000 pixels.

The smaller HaRGB version (click on it to see full screen):