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Molecular Cloud Customer
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November 18, 2020 22:28  
Posted by: @croy1962

Where do we stand on this topic ?

This is an old request, was it done and hidden somewhere ?  I have looked all over for it, sounds simple to me but then again what do I know ?




It was February 2018 that I raised this matter.....over to Mabula and Vincent.

Thanks and all the best, Kwan


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March 2, 2021 14:16  

@Mabula & @Vincent

I have 2 questions which are more or less add-on/related to this section:

Situation 1:

- When APP Crashes (seldom, but it happens)

- When I want to continue processing or retest integration with different parameters

=> What is the best workflow to restart? Because today you must input all data(folders) again

What I do is saving the normalized frames (which takes a lot of space). Restart some days later and

reload the normalized frames as lights and cross autodetect masters and integration (although I think that in this stage it doesn't matter) .... an advantage is that all processed "normalized lights" are in one directory bin?

=> But this should be in 1.083. which is coming up soon?

Situation 2:

(I read something higher up in this mail which I think is a wrong workflow)

Suppose you work on a project and want to integrate different layouts, sizes, from different devices ...

=> Issue because when you treat them as different sessions, they ALL use 1 BPM!

So, in fact, I presume you must integrate every source as a whole and store it as an integration

When all that work is done, restart APP, reload now only all integrations and start like threating them as lights

I guess higher quality may be obtained if we could mark an option that every session has to be treated in that session (ie, has its own BPM and correction files).

Now corrections files (bias, dark, flat, darkflat) are treated as if they are originated from the same device, only at different temperatures, environment, or filters ....

Is my assumption correct?

What is the best practice?

Maybe Situation 1 and 2 are stuff to be placed under tutorial?


And the key question to all: when will a "configuration list of what was uploaded" be available in cases like a crash or restart

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March 4, 2021 11:46  

Hi Jan,

1) APP doesn't have settings you can save yet unfortunately, that will come in a later version. The next beta version will have the possibility to skip steps, when you already did them indeed.

2) A BPM is totally independent of a session, it's basically a noise readout of hot-pixels of your sensor and non-destructive. So it's best to make one using a long dark, it should have as many bad pixels as you'd encounter then and will correct those. If you use shorter exposures with less bad pixels, the BPM won't influence that in a bad way. So you can use it for that sensor for all sessions and for a pretty long time.

Other calibration data is session dependent. In the sense that flats of course are pretty unique per session (unless you have a fixed setup), darks and bias data needs to have the same ISO/Gain as the data. If you have a library of those with the correct values, you can use them for a while as well.

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March 4, 2021 13:06  

@vincent-mod, thx, so

1) if we saved calibrated, or registered or normalized frames in the future, we should be able to depart from that?
2) agree, but question was: "from different devices ..." and each device will have a specific BPM
I saw that every session uses the same BPM, further calibration data (darks, flats etc are indeed session independent and yes I've a library set of those :-))


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