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Registration failed in 1.083 Beta2

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Hi all

Since i went on beta2, registration fail for all my sessions... but worked fine back on beta1

I read below it might be an issue that will be fixed in next version.

But i guess it doesn't concern everybody so, could you please give me more info about these "bad files" ?

I could test the Star reducer tool and get very excited,  so i hope not to be forced to downgrade...

Thanks for your answer

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@emmanuel-azzi It has been mentioned before on this forum that there is an issue with star registration in 1.083-beta2 which will be fixed in the final release. If you encounter an error then please use 1.083-beta1 for registration instead.

Hydrogen Atom Customer
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I switched from OpenGL to CPU and it seems to have fixed it...M1 MacBook Air.