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Future Release Improvements - Light Pollution and Gradient Removal  


Brown Dwarf Customer
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07/11/2018 10:07 pm  

I downloaded the free 30-day trial release and reprocessed a M45 image that had light pollution and gradient issues.  The existing APP tools didn't address many of the issues.  I saw a note that these would be addressed in a future release.  When will the post-processing tools be improved to address background light pollution, its normalization, gradients and associated noise?

I intend to reevaluate the next major release.


Jim W.

Phoenix, AZ USA

Molecular Cloud Customer
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07/11/2018 11:41 pm  

Additionally on Jim's post, is there going to come on next release any noise removal tool?

White Dwarf Customer
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13/11/2018 7:57 pm  

The current light pollution removal tool works really well in my experience, better than any other ones I've tried and very easy to do. How are you arranging the select boxes?  

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Galaxy Moderator
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21/11/2018 12:04 am  

APP is known to be very good at specifically this so it would be very interesting to know what you tried to combat light pollution.