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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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windows 2.0.0-beta2

macOS x86_64 2.0.0-beta2

macOS arm64 M1 2.0.0-beta2

Linux DEB 2.0.0-beta2

Linux RPM 2.0.0-beta2

[Sticky] Colored centering of the stars, align channels

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Red Giant Customer
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Useful technique. another powerful option in APP that is not as obvious as maybe it could/should be.

I find it almost always necessary using quad band filter with OSC to fix color issue with red and blue sides of stars from those filters. Luckily, my broadband OSC data never had this issue yet. But always with filters and it works quite well, although takes a long time to save all the aligned images. 


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