Eagle Nebula in HOO
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Eagle Nebula in HOO

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About 11 hours each of HA and OIII using 3nm Chroma filters, all 5 minute exposures. Camera is a ZWO ASI6200 monochrome. Telescope used was an AP 155 EDFS, sitting on an AP900 GTO mount.

I used the HOO1 combination, saved the resulting image and did some minor curves/levels tweaks in Photoshop. Uploaded image was scaled down to 75% to meet the 30MB size limit.

At the suggestion of a friend, I did not use any darks, only flat and bias frames. I see no discernible difference, and in fact the noise values are somewhat smaller (my friend's hypothesis is that for low noise CMOS sensors as in the ASI6200, dark frames actually add noise).

EagleNebulaHOOStretchedCroppedProcessed 75


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@mdolenga Fabulous pic. I love the colors.