About Wouter

Hi Astro Pixel Processor users,

Wouter van Reeven
Wouter van Reeven officially joined the Astro Pixel Processor Team in November 2020.

When I was in high school I started observing the night sky. After getting my master’s degree in AstroPhysics I became a software developer and remained a very active visual amateur astronomer. In 2017 I finally picked up the courage to take pictures as well.

I started out with a 200 mm lens on a DSLR camera and a StarAdventurer. I actually took that gear with me on my first visit to Chile that year and I imaged the Small Magellanic Cloud and several other objects. Since then I slowly expanded my gear, both the hardware and software.

I learned about Astro Pixel Processor in 2018 when I was on an observing and imaging holiday in the South of France. It very quickly became my preferred way of processing my images due to its ease of use and its fantastic results. Since then I have been trying to be helpful on the APP forum as well and two years later I approached first Vincent and then Mabula to offer them my services in a more official way. And here I am!

I hope that APP will continue growing and getting even better than it already is today. And of course I hope to be able to support you in any way I can!

Clear, transparent and moon-less skies!